About Us

Fanny Milles

She is a fashion designer, she is responsible for the direction of the company's design. Her decisions when designing are based on intuition and the creation of desires. He is a demanding person about every detail of his design, his purpose is to find the balance between idea, image and reality.

Carla Milles

She is a production engineer, responsible for the commercial part and artistic direction of Milles.

 Milles, is a clothing brand founded by the Milles sisters, which pretends to be a brand that is friendly to women who seek to be different from others and always look good. The style of Milles is based on a woman with personality, with its own style, that it likes to captivate. "Our greatest inspiration is the dynamic woman: decisive, effective and fast. This adventurer carves in any environment without losing the elegance and knows how to think of herself without forgetting the others. For us to combine trends is the key to achieve a good look. We do not believe in a trend, but in the multitendences as we ensure that within them you can get your own style. We are creative, we banish the rules of the established in the past and mix without fears. We work to beautify and highlight the female silhouette, "say Fanny and Carla. All collections are designed and made in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Inside its collection they present / display 3 lines glam, adventure and the convertible dresses; The glam made up of dresses, jackets and blouses where they have created a multipurpose and commercial style, from the most modern and radical to the most classic style, an avant-garde and elegant style, which enhances the naturalness and sophistication and independence of women, without frontiers Between day and night, where you will see combos of colors, sensual draped and a suggestive marked waist. On the other hand the line adventure is composed by original skirts and embroidered shirts where the feminine and innocent side contrasts with the rebellion that every woman has. The prints are strikingly combined and whose blends are wonderful and unique. These garments can be used for summer and winter. Finally the long, short and sexy convertible dresses can be worn more than 10 different shapes,

We sell the largest and also retail, if you want to be a distributor of Milles you can write us to info@milles.es.